Heart Cry Ensemble

Heart Cry Ensemble is a small mixed ensemble dedicated to preserving the quality of our spiritual musical heritage by impacting our community through the heart cry of music.

Heart Cry Ensemble was founded in 2018 by friends from two families: Wendell and Twyla Diefenbacher, and Kendall and Kyle Roth. They had grown up singing and wished to pursue it in a more organized fashion. Having been exposed to singing in various forms throughout childhood, they desired to continue this tradition in a small group setting.

The ensemble has been singing together for several seasons. Although the ensemble was created as a mixed ensemble, it experimented with men's music when enough female singers could not be found for a season. Each season begins with several months of weekly rehearsals before a month of programs, both near and far.

The ensemble has given programs in a variety of churches and audiences, ranging from Markham, ON to Detroit, MI. The group's primary focus has been to bring encouragement to churches with a minimal youth presence, but welcomes any opportunity to share their message.


Members of the current 2020 Fall season
Twyla Diefenbacher
Virginia Gingrich
Ashley Kuepfer
Yolanda Lichty
Kimberly Brubacher
Janette Gerber
Alyssa Martin
Tanya Roth
Benjamin Good
Kyle Roth
Craig Streicher
Caleb Weber
Wendell Diefenbacher
Christopher Good
Kenton Shantz
Kendall Roth
Member Bios